söndag 14 februari 2010

Will this ever end????

We have now had two good months of sub-zero temperatures and snow up to our cheek bones...not to mention the fact it gets dark at 6 pm which , by all means, is an improvement since a month ago it got dark by 4..still...this is hard living. No livin' la vida loca here I'm afraid!
I'm now starting to understand all the statistics throughout the years;
The Swedes are heavy drinkers
The Swedes commit suicide
The Swedes are clinically depressed
Well..all I can say is it amazes me they don't do more drugs...but I guess they're too expensive...
My new mantra is "I'm soooo bored".
I understand one has to adapt and find new ways of enjoying life..but what is there to enjoy?? Only an eskimo could love this stuff..
Snotticles under your nose isn't really the top of sexy....and as to any activity that involves shedding the first three layers of clothing? Forget it!
What can I say? The Swedes are no doubt God's frozen people...and I'm getting back under the covers with my hot water bottle to have yet another moan!

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