lördag 6 februari 2010

Nails...oh my God...NAILS!!!!

Nature was not at all generous with me when it came to nails. My entire childhood was spent chewing obsessively so by the time I was " a young lady" my fingers were graced by some short, unsightly stubbs.
Since the "vanity genes" apparently came with my DNA I found it terribly embarassing to exhibit such unsophisticated grabbers and spent many a dinner date sitting on my hands which is a problem since you do need them to eat.....

Then a friend of mine came home from America and started a little nail-bar on...I think it was Birger Jarls gatan. It was a messy affair indeed but I suffered through it and left with enormously long, sexy..( yikes!) blood-red claws.
It was the height of fashion at the time and finally I felt I could nonchalantly wave my hands and show off the perfection even though risking to seriously wound someone if they stood too close..
My mother thought my nails were disgusting and ridiculous but I was happy , oh so happy!

I became a fervid visitor at my friend's place and , unwittingly crawled into a psychological straight-jacket that has kept me bound ever since!

The truth is, I cannot live without fake nails. Now you know it!

Shortly thereafter I moved to Santa Monica, California and now I was cooking! Nail -bars in every single corner...fancy smantzy stuff...nails loooooong as I had never seen before..I was in Heaven!
And so it went on......

To have your nails done in the US is quick, cheap and easy as dirt.
Moving to Sweden turned it into a different story.

Here, apparently, the majority of women might splash out and have their nails done for a wedding, a party or some other special occasion.
I think there's not THAT many of us that keeps coming back every two weeks for a fill and a file..
Not surprisingly so since the price is downright silly! Silly in a BAAAD way. You have to dump half a pay check every time..( well...almost) and very often the result leaves a lot to desire.

HOWEVER....Listen up girlfriends! I have now, after a few misses found the BEST NAILPLACE around!
It's called "Queen Nails" and can be found on the second floor at the mall "Stinsen" in Haggvik!

I have NEVER..I mean NEVER had anybody do my nails as thoroughly and as nicely as they do!

You pay 300 Kr for an acrylic fill, it takes a little while just because they are so unbeliavably tidy but it's so worth it!

So , to all you nailfreaks out there: Let's unite! Let's take a look at the various places and rate them...let's help each other to find the good guys and to avoid the pitfalls!

We NEED to know all the places all over Sweden so we're prepared for any kind of nail emergency wherever we are!!!!

OK...you men don't understand this but we girls do!

So come on sisters...send your good and bad reviews and lets map out the Acrylic world of Sweden!

Your fellow scratcher.

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