fredag 5 februari 2010

Comin' back home?

30 years abroad and here we are...hittin' the home turf! Or so we thought/ hoped/ wished for....Hm...
What started out as a deliriously wonderful lovestory in April with budding trees and blue skies have turned into a gruesome snow-filled nightmare..This is a frigggin' cold country....and did we make the right decision here???? We left sunny Florida and wonderful Newport close to New York and Boston.....California ,Beverly Hills and sunfilled Malibu...Rome and find ourselves in bloody Rosersberg...Lord have mercy!
I will keep you informed as to the people to style...the food to cook, the wines to be drunk....etc short.: Stockholm, watch out! For better or for I come!
Miz sophie

4 kommentarer:

  1. Interesting MizSophie, I sense a challenge here. I am not sure we are really ready for this! The sense Stockholm has a small hurricane on the way! We look forward to seeing what you can come up with! The floor is all yours!

  2. Ja Ja Ja Ja!! Jag vill- behöver-längtar efter att bli stylad av någon med Italiensk- Amerikansk- Svensk touch!! När börjar vi? Vilken är ditt bästa pasta recept??

    Och du Welcome home baby!!

  3. When do we start? Well...we could actually do something fairly 'bout meeting next week? We'll start by going over your body-type, your existing wardrobe and then we'll see what we can come up with..ok? Get in touch with me privately but let me publish the pics "before" and "after" please!

  4. Pastasåsen låter härligt Italiensk och jag ÄLSKAR grillad paprika så et här receptet måste jag bara prova!!

    IIIIii vad spännande att få en styling så snart! jag behöver ryckas upp!!