måndag 15 februari 2010

Could it be?

Could it really be? I heard a bird this morning! I'm sure it was a bird! It must be the one poor sucker that has survived so far! Now I have filled up the birdfeeder-thingy with tons of yum yums...such bravery MUST be amply rewarded!
So now we can add " Birdwatching" to the list of exciting Swedish winter activities ...

Normally it's deer we watch..The roedeer have been fed in the garden all winter and now we have 6 of them coming to visit every evening.
We hide behind a curtain and turn out the lights..and there they come! Majestically they slowly walk their trail..stop to sniff the branches...look back at us as we hunker down and try to make ourselves as invisible as possible.
The dogs tremble and salivate...."Hey Mommy..we're supposed to HUNT these guys, not just watch them!"
So in all the winter misery we have to admit there are some truly magical moments!

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